Made of thin Kydex, the trigger guard won't add much bulk to the holster, but serves as an added safety measure. The cord attaches to the bottom of the holster via a metal clasp and ring, and can be easily detatched  before laundering the holster, or for use in a purse.


Trigger guards are available only for the guns listed in the drop down menu, but feel free to ask if yours isn't listed. We have a few guns with lasers available, but only Crimson Trace lasers. If your laser is removable and you would still like a trigger guard, drop us a line.


They are custom made for each specific gun, and made to have a firm fit, but are still easy to remove without needing to jerk or pull on the gun during the draw. Simply draw your gun and extend it forward, tipping the muzzle upward slightly, and the guard will detatch on it's own, without impeding your draw.

Kydex trigger guard

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