The Fancy Pants Concealed Carry holster is made of a breathable, moisture wicking, soft but not stretchy, polyester fabric. This holster is perfect for hot climates, or for wearing while jogging, running errands, going out, or staying in, keeping your concealed carry firearm close to your body. 

The beautiful lace fabric is quilted onto the front panel, which lends stiffness, and structure to the holster, and serves as an effective security measure.

It fits flush around your lower abdomen, right around your pant waistband area, making the gun easily accessible, while still remaining comfortable and cool! It can also be configured for kidney carry (back of the hip).

There is a breathable but waterproof layer between the front and back panels, keeping your gun dry even if you perspire heavily.

The sturdy elastic and velcro closure make the holster very adjustable if you go up or down in weight, and there is an adjustable retention strap with a snap closure that snaps around the grip of the gun, keeping the gun secure inside the holster pocket, especially when putting it on or taking it off. 

There is an extra pouch for a spare magazine, and a slim pocket for your ID, cash, keys, or Concealed Carry license. There's also a small square of loop tape, to cover any exposed hook tape, to prevent unnecessary wear on your clothing.

Women's Concealed Carry Waist Holster - Antique Rose

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