This holster is perfect for jogging, hiking, going out, or staying in, keeping your concealed carry firearm close to your body. Made of sturdy, yet soft, polyester, made right here in the USA, strong elastic, and a wide velcro closure, the holster is easily customized to your needs. It fits flush around your lower abdomen, under your pants or skirt, making the gun easily accessible, while still remaining comfortable.


The fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, making it perfect for warmer climates or a more active lifestyle. The back panel is reinforced with a breathable but sweat-proof layer to keep your gun dry even when you perspire. Hypoallergenic elastic is available upon request.


The lace fabric is quilted onto the reinforced front pocket, adding both elegance, and structure to the holster, and makes for an effective safety feature.


There is an extra pouch for a spare magazine or knife, and a slim pocket for your ID, cash, keys, or Concealed Carry license. There's also a small square of loop tape, to cover any exposed hook tape on the closure, to prevent unnecessary wear on your clothing. The retention strap is secured around the grip of the gun via a plastic snap, that is easily disengaged. It's main function is to keep the gun from falling out of the holster when the holster is removed. 

Concealed Carry Waist Holster - Blush Lace

  • All our holsters are machine washable.


    Before washing, make sure the Velcro tabs are completely alligned, to prevent the hook tape from snagging on the fabric of the holster, or anything else in the washing machine.


    Wash with warm water, gentle cycle, mild detergent, and no bleach.


    Hang or lay flat to dry. Holster may warp slightly if using the tumble dryer, but it will flatten out when worn.

  • If the elastic gets stretched out too much, or you gain or loose a lot of weight, you can return the holster to us to have the elastic replaced. 

    See Policy page for details

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