Trigger guard sold separately. This holster is designed for comfortable, all day, carry, regardless of your activities. Made of sturdy, yet soft, polyester, strong elastic, and a wide velcro closure, the holster is easily customized to your needs. It fits flush around your rib cage, directly under your bust making the gun easily accessible, while still remaining comfortable. There is a slot for an extra magazine or knife, and a space for cash or ID.


I always recommend a hard trigger guard with this holster, and there is a small metal ring sewn into the gun pocket, allowing you to clip or knot one in. If you didn’t order a guard with this holster, you can get one later either through my shop, or any other supplier online.


The holster is meant to be worn very snug, allowing friction to build up between your skin and the fabric, locking the holster in place against your body. It won't budge even with an active lifestyle.


The fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, making it perfect for warmer climates or a more active lifestyle. The back panel is reinforced with a breathable but sweat-proof layer to keep your gun dry even when you perspire. The lace fabric is quilted onto the reinforced front pocket, adding both elegance, and structure to the holster, and makes for an effective safety feature. There's also a small square of loop tape, to cover any exposed hook tape on the closure, to prevent unnecessary wear on your clothing.


If you have questions or want advice on wether this holster would work for you, don't hesitate to get in touch! We're happy to advise you.


Corset Holster - Burgundy

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