Holster Fit


No holster will perform well if the fit isn’t right. Each Fancy Pants holster is made to order, to your, and your gun’s, measurements. Our aim is to give you a holster that isn’t only comfortable, but will allow you to conceal your gun well, and access it quickly if needed.


Here are a few tips for measuring correctly for each holster, and how to tell if the fit may need adjusting.


How to measure:

  • Flexible tape measure, or even a piece of string that you can hold up to a ruler or yard stick

  • Your clothing size is not a reliable measuring method, since sizes vary so greatly between manufacturers.

  • Measure to the nearest inch. There is some wiggle room in the fit, due to the elastic and velcro, and there are extenders available as well. These are especially useful during pregnancy, or if there is significant weight gain/loss

  • Waist holster: measure right where the waistband of your average jeans hits. If you wear both high, and low rise jeans, take both measurements, and either give an average, or include both measurements in the comment section 

  • Bosom Buddy: Directly under your bust, all the way around

  • Thigh holster: Mid or upper thigh - wherever you plan to wear the holster

Holster fit - trouble shooting:


Regardless of which holster you’re using, there should be at least 3” of Velcro covered, either end. Any less than that and you won’t have a secure or comfortable fit. There is a small loop tape piece, that  can cover any exposed hook tape, to protect your clothing, but if you find that more than that area is exposed, the holster may need resizing. They are designed to have a very snug fit, since you don’t want the holster shifting around when you move. It should take a bit of effort to shift the holster from side to side on your body. If it moves around easily, it’s probably too big for you. If you find that it’s just too loose, or too tight, please send it back and I’ll replace the elastic.

For the waist holster: While there will always be some bunching of the fabric, due to the bulk of the gun and magazine. If the back panel is bunching a lot, you can try tightening the elastic, tucking the elastic and closure tabs farther down below your waistband, changing the position of the gun or magazine, or shifting the position of the holster on your body up or down a bit. If none of those things fix the issue, it’s possible that the holster is the wrong size for either your body, or the gun. If that is the case, it can be returned for simple alteration. 

For the bosom buddy: The band should fit smoothly against your ribcage, directly under your bust. You can tuck it farther under your bra for better concealment. The farther up the gun sits, the better it will conceal. It needs to be very snug, and may take a few days to get used to. Good posture will always ensure a better fit. At least 3” of the velcro should be covered, and the elastic shouldn’t be so tightly pulled that it rolls. If you have less than half the velcro covered, or more than 1” of the top tab hanging over the end, the holster should probably be resized for you.

For the thigh holster: Position the holster against your thigh, with the gun more or less where you want it. Pull the elastic tight, and then match up the ends. It shouldn't be so tight that it cuts off circulation, but does need to be fairly snug. Since the leg tapers, the bottom of the holster will feel looser than the top. A garter belt will always help keep the holster in place. Place the little extra piece of velcro on the curved end of the closure tab if you need to tighten it past perfect alignment (to prevent the velcro from snagging on the fabric of the holster). There should be 3" or more of velcro touching. If it seems way too loose, or too tight, please return it for alteration.